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Home Compostable Protective Packaging

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Protective Packaging should be made from home compostable nature-based material and available to everyone

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Home Compostable

Protective Packaging

Protective packaging protects and buffers a product from harm or destruction during shipping or warehousing.

All of our products are capable of breaking down into natural elements in a composting environment, leaving no toxicity in the soil.

Future generations will thank you!

The space saving, enviornment loving

Air Cushion Inflator

The air cushion inflator is a compact, economical, durable and highly efficient machine. Designed to inflate a wide rage of compostable air cushions on demand. It saves time, space and money.

Here’s to killin’ the clutter!

Plastic is the
Perfect Pollutant

The majority of protective packaging products currently available in the marketplace are made from single use plastic that is not recyclable.
380 million tons of plastic is produced annually, 50% of which is single-use only.
The plastic protective packaging industry produced
14.5 million tons of waste in 2018 alone.

Revolutionary Products We Are Working On

Our packaging system offers high quality, zero-waste products

Air Cushions

Air cushions provide incredible product protection and are featherlight (so you save money on shipping). Our home compostable air cushions are made of nature-based material

Compostable Mailers

Waterproof, tough and durable, these mailers are made from cornstarch, vegetable-based plastic material, and bio-based composting polymer

Bubble Wrap

Bubble wraps are one of the best protective packaging products that provides several benefits for packing items. Bubble wrap material protects items from impact, are ideal for custom packaging needs, easy to use and time saving, light weight, and cost effective

HumusPak Promise:
When the useful life of all our protective packaging products comes to an end, they can simply be composted and buried and returned to the Earth with no harmful effects to the environment!